Ultra TileFix Pack of 54 ProGrip FX Fibre Reinforced WHITE Semi Rapid Adhesive

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Apply the adhesive to the required thickness (limits 3mm – 20mm) in areas up to 1 square metre at a time. For internal walls use a notched trowel to the following notch dimensions to provide solid rib lines:

Mosaic tiles: 3mm x 3mm at 6mm centres

General wall tiles: 5mm x 5mm at 10mm centres

General floor tiles: 8mm x 8mm at 16mm centres

For floors and external applications we advise to use the solid bed method. This involves applying a uniform bed of adhesive to the floor and buttering the back of the tile with the same adhesive. When the tiles are bedded with a twisting action, pressing firmly down it ensures 100% contact is made with both the floor and the tile.

When fitting tiles leave spaces between each of the tiles to allow for grouting (approx: walls 1mm – 3mm and floors 2mm – 12mm).  Before the tile adhesive sets clean off the excess adhesive from the face of the tile and grout joints with a clean damp cloth or sponge.


Unit Size: 20kg

Bags Colours: Grey & White

Classification: EN12004 Class C2TE S1

Bed Thickness: 3mm – 20mm

Grout After*: 7 hours

Coverage: 4.5 kg per square metre at 3mm Bed Thickness

Pot Life*: 2.5 Hours at 20 degree celcius 

Set Time*: 7 Hours at 20 degree celcius 

Application Temperatures: 5 degree celcius to 25 degree celcius 


The curing period for cement based tile adhesives will be affected by extremes in temperature. High temperature site conditions will increase the speed of cure therefore reducing the pot life and set times. Low temperatures will reduce the speed of cure extending the pot life and set times. It is therefore good practice to consider site conditions and storage of materials as essential factors in planning tiling installations.

All UltraTileFix adhesives are manufactured to meet the performance requirements of BS EN 12004 and the relevant classifications.

UltraTileFix would always advise that tiling installers follow the guidelines for tiling as laid down in BS EN5385. It is essential that expansion joints are built into the design of the tiling installation in order to prevent tension build up. This is a common occurrence which can result in tiles de-bonding.

Please note that this product uses natural aggregates and other materials that may marginally vary in colour. This does not affect the consistency or characteristics of the product.

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